booths Fee Per M2
Rails Indoor (Not Constructed) A RILS 3,000,000
  Outdoor Area B RILS 2,500,000
  Indoor (Not Constructed) EURO 258

Foreign Currency

Indoor ( Constructed & Furnished) EURO 268
  Outdoor Area EURO 248





Account number to deposit In Iran.

Account Number in Iran


Name of account holder:

Cycle Science & Industry Co.


Name of Bank:

Iran Meli Bank 


Qods Square - Branch Of Shahid Bahonar - Tehran - Iran


Sheba ID centralized account:

IR13 0170 0000 0010 9522 4240 06



Account number to deposit:

Company Name: H.B.G Machinery Trading Co. Limited
Account Number: 640-123774-838
Beneficiary Bank Name: The Hong Kong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Beneficiary Bank Address: 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Beneficiary Bank Code: 004 & SWIFT Code: HSBCHKHHHKH



After posting  fee, must send receipt it to the email below.



Sponsorship Deadlines

In order to, for sponsorship to be promoted in the 13,14 December 2015 Oil, Gas And Petrochemical Conference – Tehran, Iran Preview:
Advertising/Sponsorship contracts must be received prior to October 22, 2015


Payment Policy
Conference requires a 100% deposit on all sponsorships. This deposit must be submitted with the signed Exhibitors Sponsorship Contract in order to secure a sponsorship.

Upon receipt of a signed Sponsorship Contract and required deposit, and send by mail or post to this address: Address: Unit 111 - 5th floor - office building 116 - No. 6 - Maragheh Alley - Nejatolahi street (villa Street) - Tehran - Iran - Mailbox: 19395/1667
Zip: 1971714764 - Tell: +982188853407 - Fax: +982188853378 - Email:icogpp@gmail.com
And conference will send the sponsor a Confirmation Notice for Sponsorship.
No confirmation will be sent and no Exhibitors will be acknowledged or promoted, either in print or on the conference official website, until the sponsor has submitted the Sponsorship Contract and required deposit.
Sponsor after contracts Must pay all of cost.

Payment is accepted in EURO only. Conference accepts most credit cards, checks, money orders and wire transfers.
Should a sponsor elect to cancel its confirmed Exhibitors, the Exhibitor is not entitled to a refund of money paid to Conference.
Mining And Research Centre


Why sponsor ICOGP 2015?

The ICOGP Conference provides high-value brand placement benefits and market recognition through:

  • positioning your brand in front of thousands of registered attendees from more of countries, all with a direct interest in the oil and gas industry
  • a range of sponsorship options to suit your marketing needs — from merchandise, presentation and speaker sessions, through to social events, networking areas and meal breaks
  • pre, during and post-event brand placement opportunities
  • having your brand associated with one of the most well-regarded oil and gas industry events in the world
  • If you only make one sponsorship investment each year, the ICOGP Conference & Exhibition 2015 is the one that will take your brand to the world of oil and gas.