The Annual Iran Oil Conference is the strategic conference to be held in Tehran on 7-9 May 2017 alongside the prestigious 22nd Iran Oil Show, with a keynote address by the Ministry of Oil and NIOC.


 Th Iran Oil Conference will have a superb line up of speakers from the oil company in wold and related organisations.  Local Iranian and international companies will share their expertise and insights into the Iranian oil and gas industry and will participate in all sessions.

With a range of keynote addresses, presentations, case studies and panel discussions.  The Annual Iran Oil Conference promises to be dynamic and add new insights, valuable discussions and updates on the Iran oil and gas industry.


Sessions will include:

  • Leaders’ Panel: Exploring Iran’s Position in the Global & Regional Oil and Gas Industry
  • Partnership Creation: The Role of International Companies in the Iranian Petroleum IndustryPartnership Creation: Domestic Stakeholder Spotlight
  • Enhancing In-Country Value and Engaging with Local Communities: Expectations & Strategies
  • Upstream Development: A New Era of Opportunity for Oil & Gas in Post Sanctions Iran
  • Exploring the Legal, Fiscal and Tax Policies Governing the Iranian Business Environment for International Oil & Gas Stakeholders
  • Downstream Industry Development: Objectives & Strategies
  • Iran’s Oil Industry: Opportunities & Considerations in a Low Oil Price Environment
  • Iran in the Global Gas Market & Domestic Gas Industry Development Strategy
  • Next Steps in the Positive Development of Iran Oil & Gas Industry Iran